Friday, October 2, 2009


In the spirit of catching up, I thought I'd dedicate one post to the entire month of August! It was certainly a HOT month! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves as to what we did. (Can you tell, I'm pressed for time?)

This month...

*I tried sushi for the first time. For all you sushi fans out there (my sweet hubby included), I'm sorry, I was not digging it. It was my sister's birthday so I went in feeling open-minded and I'm glad I tried it, but I think I'll stick with food that is cooked from now on. :) I left feeling full, but not satisfied. Plus, it was just too fishy for me. Sorry babe!

*Caleb turned 7! I did a post already with some pictures of him through the years but here were a few from his special day and his party at Chuck E Cheese! I wasn't the best photographer that night so there weren't many pics to choose from. Happy Birthday sweet boy!

7 balloons for my 7 year old! He wasn't in a "posing" type mood but oh well, I had to take that "right when you wake-up, It's your Birthday" picture!

Playing the games:

Blowing out his candles!

*Bree started walking! This picture is awful because my settings were off on my camera and she was coming towards me, but I had to post this picture to remember her first steps. Plus, her dress is super cute. I wish I had one to match!

*Naught-e-ness! Breezy has been so much fun, but she now has a new nickname, "Ms. Naughty!" This picture really doesn't explain anything but I'm posting it to remind me what she does get into! She'll climb in cupboards and take everything out, she's broken 2 of my perfume (expensive) bottles, 2 bracelets & 1 necklace, dumps crackers and any "toddler-height" object (sugar) all over the ground. She's a little stinker, but I still can't manage to get upset at her.


brownymama said...

It's about time you caught up on here! Looks like SanDiego was a blast! So glad you went.

Jessica said...

I am right there with you on that sushi, girl! That just isn't my thing. I like the fact that you tried it though because I never will!

Grandma and Grandpa cook said...

Totally understand why you can't get upset with Ms. Naughty. What a doll. Sorry we missed the party.

Lee-Ann said...

So glad things are getting better. Missed you at the Pulley Reunion.
Love ya.

The Driggs said...

You are a brave woman to have tried sushi. I won't even touch the stuff. Plus I am allergic to seafood (I'm probably not really...but I do literally gag or hurl if I swallow something...that's an allergic reaction, right?) I am so loving the first thing in the morning birthday picture. My kids would not appreciate that! Way to go Breezy on walking! I love her dress and love to know that I am not alone in this world because Claire gets into everything too! Sorry that she's broken expensive perfume bottles. Not cool! Claire tries on our shoes, but will only put one on her left foot. So I am finding one shoe (without its match) of tons of different pairs throughout the house. Love the "August catch-up!"

Nuestra Familia said...

Thanks for the update lady, you are a great sport to try sushi. When we went Pete ordered teriaky chicken and loved it.
Bree is so adorable, congrats on walking. Your trip to san diego looks like so much fun, great celebration!!

Aimee's Family Journal said...

I might have to steal that balloons idea. Even though Noah is "too cool" for alot, he is in love with traditions. And he would look forward to that, for sure! So cute Kari!

April said...

can you believe our Caleb's are 7! love your family. glad all is well:)