Monday, October 19, 2009


...came and gone! I have not been a good blogger lately, huh? Forgive me? As a result, there are a ton of pictures ahead!

We started the month by heading up to the cabin with all of Justin's family (minus the Larson's - we missed you guys!). The weather was perfect, even a bit chilly at times and we all had a wonderful time being with family & enjoying the great outdoors! I didn't take any pictures until the moment when we were all getting ready to leave. I guess we were having too much fun! But, I managed to catch Bree with her cousin Billy playing outside. (I took this picture with my phone, hence, not the best quality but you get the idea!)

Then, on Sept 12th, we had just returned home from a community fair and Gunner started complaining of a stomach ache. I didn't think too much about it and sent him to bed (afterall, he wasn't throwing up at that moment, so I thought he just needed some rest). Well, midnight hits and he starts screaming and crying and complaining of really severe pain in his tummy. He was having a hard time even sitting still and when I touched his belly, he would just cry out in pain. So, after some thought, we decided that he needed to be seen by a doctor. We went to Urgent Care and they feared that he had appendicitis! So, we headed over to the E.R. of Banner Children's and waited for 3 hours to be seen. Gunner was such a good sport the whole time. He was a very good little patient. He had a chest & tummy x-ray, CT of his torso, and bloodwork and urine tests done on him. He had to have an IV, which was a traumatic experience for him. I told him that his little sister had this done over and over to her and that he needed to be brave like her and this seemed to help him. After over 8 hours of being in the ER we were told that he didn't have appendicitis, he just had really clogged bowels! Thank goodness! He was discharged and sent home with strict orders to have lots of fresh fruit & water to get his insides moving! This is my little man all bandaged up, finally taking a nap.

We had a sweet moment right after his IV was placed, that I wanted to document. This was our conversation:
Gunner: (with disbelief on his face) "Mom, Bree got poked like this a lot?"
Me: "Yes, Gunner, she had lots of pokes."
Gunner: "Wow, that really hurt me, I dont like this place... I'm sorry Bree had to have so many pokes like mine. She's so brave."

In a small way, he got to experience something that Bree did and I think he realized how brave his sister really is. It was hard for Gunner to visualize what Bree went through and so in a weird way, this helped him understand a bit.

Well, the weekend after that, soccer season started! We enrolled both our boys on the same team. They both really enjoy soccer and being with their friends. So far they've had a few games and they are doing great. Gunner scored 2 goals on his last game. Caleb basically just runs where the other kids go, and occasionally tries to kick at the ball, but he's having the best time so that's all that matters! Here's some pics from our soccer stars!

The little cheerleaders on the sidelines. Breezy and Savvy, cute friends!

I love this girl's smile!

As you know Bree is obsessed with shoes and one night after soccer practice, the boys took their cleats and shin guards off, and Bree races as fast as her little legs will take her and puts on their shin guards. This little girl is so much fun!

This same day I had taken some pictures of Breezy with our dog. These are random, but what can I say, it was a fun photo-op and I got some great pics!

These next few pictures are just some randoms from the month! The boys love to be buried in their animals at bedtime. Here's our versions of "Where's Waldo?"

I love that Gunner's body is completely covered in stuffed animals!

One fun thing that we started doing this month was combing Bree's hair! She still doesnt have enough to put into pig tails or a ponytail, but Justin combed it like this one day and we've been doing her hair like it ever since! What do you think?

My 3 cookie littles after bathtime. Don't they just oooze cuteness?!

Another random, I just had to capture the kids in sunglasses. Bree actually kept hers on for a while!

Last of all, this month I turned 29 again. Okay, I really turned 29 + 2 years but I'm still clinging to 29! I had a wonderful birthday. I had a yummy breakfast with some great friends and that night my sweet hubby surprised me by taking me to my favorite resturant, the Melting Pot. We dined for 2 hours! It was great to chew our food slowly while having a nice conversation. Plus, the dessert was magical! Chocolate fondue with strawberries! So yummy! Thanks for all the nice birthday wishes!

All in all, it was a great month. The best part of September was receiving the news that Bree's cancer is still in remission. To read more about her latest MRI results you can click here. As for now, we are looking forward to fall and all the fun the holidays bring!


The Johnson Family said...

looks like the cooks have been having way to much fun....but I am totally thrilled. Bree just seems like she is growing in double speed lately! Love Bree's hair...good job Justin.I am so glad all is well.

brownymama said...

So glad you finally posted. I love the boys pictures of them playing soccer. And I'm glad they are both having such fun! I love how Bree put on the shin guards and started running around the house. She's looking so big. I have to confess, I got a little stinging in my eyes when I saw that picture. So happy she's running around trying to keep up with her brothers instead of laying in the hospital jail! Gunner's comments about his sister were priceless.

Steph said...

Poor Gunner! Glad the news wasn't anything bad, though. How sweet that he looks up to his little sister for bravery. . .

Your kids are getting so big and cute! I love that Bree's hair is really growing in. You have the most beautiful family. I'm so glad things are going well!

Lorri said...

I'm so relieved that Gunner is OK! Bree is getting so big. She looks great!

Nuestra Familia said...

So glad your birthday was awesome. I love all the pictures of your kids. They are so cute! Way to go Caleb and Gunner playing soccer. Bree is a doll and love her great hair. She is so sweet with your doggie.

The Driggs said...

What fun pictures! At the beginning of Gunner's clogged bowel story, I was getting nervous that the Cook family was going to have to go through something tough again! I am so glad that fruit and water solved the trick! Sorry that he had to go through the IV, but that is a sweet story about him and his realization of Bree's experience. Love the soccer pics as well as Bree's sweet expressions. You do have such beautiful children. And Happy belated Birthday! So glad you got to go to the Melting Pot!

thegatewoodfamily said...

Ok, So I've posted a few times to your blog, I occasionally check in to see how beautiful Miss Breezy is doing, but I have to ask where do you get her clothes? She has the cutest little outfits and I must know where you get them. My little girl is 18 months and I am dying to find her some cute little dresses like Breeze's. So glad to hear all the good news!

Andréa Morrow said...

no way you have a weimerainer! we have 2 :) is yours a girl/boy? we have 2 boys.