Monday, July 19, 2010


On Monday we headed to L.A to experience Disneyland with the kids. It was lots of fun but pure insanity at times. The crowds were insane and it was H-O-T! The kids didn't seem to mind it too much and still had a blast! 

One of our first rides of the day. Dumbo! Caleb loved this!

My handsome boys!

I love the colors of the tea cups outside Alice & Wonderland. So bright and happy. 

Pure joy on this boy's face!

Bree is telling me where to go...I think she's pointing to Fantasyland where all the Princesses live. 

On the way there we met this guy. Love Caleb's face!

This stage is so cute for all the kids to go dance on the floor. They teach the kids a dance and how to curtsey like a lady and bow like a gentleman. So cute! Bree loved it when the princesses came out. 

Bree's learning the dance moves:

Ah, she caught me taking her picture!

Apparently Bree & her baby were performing for everyone in the crowd. Love how she's out there dancing her heart out in front of everyone!

Our next stop was Small World. The look on Bree's face is priceless. We'd been on a couple of rides that were dark and had crazy black lights with florescent colors along with really loud music. Those seemed to scare Bree. Poor girl! So she was unsure about going under another tunnel with loud music! Fortunately Small World was pretty safe! 

Gunner & Caleb's favorite ride of the day! Buzz Lightyear!

Waiting for the fireworks to start! Oh the excitement!

Bree was fading fast. She barely made it through the fireworks!

Caleb's unsure of these loud bombs! 

As soon as I put Bree in her stroller and started walking, she was a goner. All 3 kids were asleep within minutes of getting in the car. We loved our day at Disneyland! 
The end!


dustin and amy said...

So much fun! We take our kiddos in Oct. I can't wait! We are so excited for Little E mostly, cause she's never been and LOVES the princesses. Bree dancing with them is priceless.

The Driggs said...

What a blast! Kari, I love that photo of you and Bree at the end. It looks like your kids had a blast...even if it was hot! I love that there's the part where you can dance like the princesses...I wish they had that when I was a kid! Glad you could go!

Wendi and Eric said...

So much joy! No wonder it's called the 'happiest place on earth'.

Jenny said...

Love Disneyland!!! We were just trying to figure today out when we can go. I can't wait! Cute pics!