Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ventura Trip - Part 2

After our day at Disneyland we were all exhausted! The kids slept until 9:30am the next day! We had made lots of plans to go out sight seeing and having more fun, but poor little Miss Bree came down with the stomach flu. I guess her timing was perfect because we were able to go to Disneyland and get that out of the way. :) So, while I took care of Bree, Justin took the boys swimming and went on walks around the harbor. 

By the end of the second "sickie" day Bree was finally ready to come out of the house. We took a walk to where the boys were at the beach. There's a great play area off the beach that has a pirate ship with a zip line for the kids. The boys loved it! 

Picking flowers on our walk to the beach.

Gunner had riding the zip line down! He was so excited to show me how to do it and for once in his life, he really wanted me to take his picture riding the zip! Go Gunner!

Here comes Caleb!

Swinging at the park. Caleb still digs the baby swings. :)

25 toes in the sand. Love sand between my toes!

The next day we headed to Santa Barbara zoo. It's a small zoo but we were able to see the animals really close-up. Plus the weather was perfect! 

Love this picture of Justin and Bree. Don't love that the huge vulture in the background was sizing up my daughter!

To prove I was there. :)

Always love the flamingos!
GQ boys. 

Back ends:

This lion was too good for us! He wouldn't turn around!

See any resemblance? 

For the last part of our day we went back to Ventura and ate some yummy pizza then rented a bike that fit our entire family. We rode around the beach and watched the people. (One of our favorite things to do!)

Too bad we didn't get helmets that actually fit our kids. Oh well

Bree & Gunner giving kisses!
On our bike ride we passed these two guys. The guy in front had a boom box and was impersonating Elvis Presley. I dont know if the guy in back was supposed to be with "Elvis" or not but we thought it was hilarious. Anything to make a quick buck I guess!

That's the end for now. Next up is the strawberry farms. My favorite part of the trip! Til then, peace out! 


Mom of 3, wife of 1 said...

What a fun trip! I want to go to the beach now, and Disneyland too! So glad that you guys were able to go and spend time together as a family. Happy Summer!!

Jenny said...

K- that last one is hilarious!!!

Kelly said...

SO FUN!! I love the toes in the sand! Cute little toes!
You guys are such a cute family, great parents too. :)

The Driggs said...

So sorry that Bree got sick. Glad that she was feeling better soon so you could carry on with your adventures! I love that the kids got to do the zip line. Your toes are super cute in the sane picture. And how cool is that bike for the fam? Can't wait to read about the strawberry farms...and peace out to you!