Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Caleb is 8!!!

I can't believe it. 
My oldest is 8 years "old" today...yes, he's getting old... It's happening too quick for me! Here's a few things about our sweet boy:

*He LOVES babies, little toddlers so much and will go chasing after them to give them huge hugs & kisses!
*He gives the best hugs
*He loves his Dad so much and wants to be with him every moment when he's home
*He's extremely forgiving
*He loves unconditionally 
(Quick funny story about this: Caleb definitely looks on the heart. We were at the grocery store a few years ago and we passed by a "biker" man with dark sunglasses, wearing black & dark leather, had a dark beard, etc. Everyone we passed didn't make eye contact with him and just kept going. 
Not Caleb. 
Caleb sees the man, practically jumps out of our cart & gives him a big hug. I was a little nervous/ anxious as to how this man would react, but he said to me, 
"Wow! That made my day!" That's Caleb for ya!)

*He loves music & loves going to movies
*He's freakishly strong (don't believe me? Just ask him for a hug!)
*He's very stubborn, but will melt your heart with his smile
*His nickname is "Monkey" because he climbs & hangs all over people. :)

We love you Caleb. We are so happy & blessed that you are in our family. You give us better perspective on life and where we are going in this life. You slow us down (in a good way) and help us all appreciate the important things. That's to love one another. It's a trait that our Savior has and I'm so glad He gave YOU to us so we can have a little piece of Heaven in our home. We love you Monkey. Happy Birthday!


Melissa Bosen said...

Can you believe our boys are EIGHT already?! Man, it's flown by. I love the tribute to Caleb on his birthday. I know how much he loves babies. Do you remember how much he loved Trey when you came over? That was so funny!

Whitny said...

Oh this is a great post. Great picture too. Can't wait to find out what the baby is.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Big Guy!! Such a GREAT age! And I love the picture of him!

the bates motel said...

happy happy bday caleb! such a cute sweet boy! love his happy disposition!

Steph said...

Awww, such a sweet boy!

Love Bree's cute haircut. I can't bring myself to get Brielle's done (except her bangs, which I cut myself), because I'm afraid we'll cut off all her curls and it won't be curly anymore.