Thursday, March 3, 2011

Backing up a bit

Since this blog is a record of what our family has been doing, I need to go back in time a bit to remember a few things from January. 

On the second day back into school after Christmas break, Gunner's face smashed into another boy's head during a game of ball. It got ugly. Not really, the two boys just rammed into each other. The nurse at school was so impressed that Gunner didn't cry since his eye was so swollen. He didn't cry until he saw me, and saw the expression on my face with how bad his eye looked. :) But, I reassured him that black eyes and scars were cool and he'd be the talk of the town over the next week. 

After all, chicks dig scars right?

Every person that saw him would greet him with "Wow, buddy, what happened to your face?!" After a while he got sick of explaining the story so I just told him to say, "You should see the other guy!"

Lil miss Breezy got a dress up chest for Christmas. It had all sorts of dresses, tiaras, shoes and jewelry in it for playing "dress-up." She wanted to dress in this get up one day and I couldn't help but take lots of pictures of her. Justin was showing her how to do a curtsey (sp?) and this was her rendition. More of a squat, but still cute right?

Over Christmas and New Years break Gunner had the opportunity to play flag football for the first time and loved every second of it. He didn't understand too much in the beginning of the season, but by the end, he was a pretty good little player. 

One of my favorite things about Gunner playing football is he would get so excited for his games. His team was the Cardinals and each week his coach would tell them, it's us VS the Colts or Chargers, etc. So pretty soon, Gunner took it quite literally and would ask me, "Mom, who are we versing this week?" 

As a mom, I'm always a little aprehensive about my kids playing such physical sports. I know it's flag football and they don't get hurt (or at least they're not supposed to) but I just get so nervous watching from the sidelines. Boys will be boys though, even if mom is nervous!

Last of all, I had to throw this picture in because I love Caleb's hair. It got so long and we finally cut it off. I'm jealous of how fast his hair grows. I love that he's my surfer boy!

Peace out!


brownymama said...

I love this post. The pics of Gunner especially. His tough face playing football! They are all so cute.

Melissa Bosen said...

That one of him running with the football is pretty awesome!