Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Bree

Our sweet girl is 3 today. I feel so blessed to have this little beauty. She brightens my day. Even though she is a firecracker and can definitely try my patience at this age, she is worth every moment of it. I still feel so grateful to have her. I will always remind her that she beat cancer and that she is strong...I still feel so grateful we have her every day.

I took her to the farmhouse to take some pictures of her for her birthday card. She had fun being the model and posing for the camera. She loves the camera. Whenever I pull it out to take a picture, she immediately poses and says "Cheese!"

This is the card I made for her 3 year announcement: 

I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she told me a "pink burfday hat." She also wanted a "pincess cake." She is too cute, I could eat her up.

Here's the traditional "right when you wake up" picture. This was probably the only time she wasn't happy to see the camera. hahaha

 This is the "Pink Pincess cake" that I made per her request. I am SO professional, don't you think? Alright, cakes are not my strong suit.

At least the birthday girl liked it...

Oh it's so hard to's her cake after all!

This was the "Pink Burfday hat" that I made the night before...I thought she'd be so happy when she saw it. Instead I had to convince her to put it on...what a diva.

She didn't really want to wear it until I told her how beautiful she looked with it on. 

This was the best attempt at all 4 kids. Oh do they love their baby brother!

She loved opening her many presents...

...loved her new Prince & "Pincess Rora". Such a serious girl.

Dress up clothes and hats...

...and dress-up dresses for her polly-pocket Princesses. Oh the pink in this girl's life!

Ever since her 1st birthday we do the traditional balloon release with wishes for her. I still tear up every time we do this because of how special her life is. Every balloon that I let go I wished for her to have a long, happy and HEALTHY life. 

I loved this picture of her with her Grand parents. So sweet.

A few things about our sweet girl at 3 years old:

*She traded her babies in for princess dolls that can change their dresses.
* She likes to change her own clothes at least 4-5 times a day (Heaven help me!)
*She loves dress-up clothes and has to be in a "dress" - no more shorts/pants!
* She still loves her blanket at night. 
*She calls Daddy her "Prince" - When he's at work, she asks me "Where my Prince, Mommy?"
*She likes me to sing her 3 favorite songs to her every night.
* She loves to help me cook.
*She basically potty trained herself a week before her birthday!
* She loves her brothers and often says "I the queen" whenever they play. That's my girl!

We love you Breezy! Happy Birthday sweet girl!


ryan said...

Ah! So sweet. She is a little Diva. Did she really trade in her baby dolls? I hope not... Love her so much! And Bode is looking so much older since I saw him last!

Mandi said...

So Sweet!! She is beautiful, jut like her momma. You are very blessed to have her in your life. I love the pictures you shared of her on her bday. :) Happy Birthday Bree!! :)

Melissa Bosen said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE her sweet little face staring at her bday cake with awe! You are a good mommy!

She is such a SPECIAL girl.