Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

Yes, I am WAAAYYY behind on my blogging. I use this as my journal and it has been forever. Shame on me. So, get ready to see several posts from me in the next few days so that I can catch up on the last 2 months!
On Mother's Day weekend, HopeKids put on a wonderful event for the Moms and their daughters. They did hair, nails, toes and make-up. They also had an area set up where our pictures could be taken together and also fed us lunch. It was a fun afternoon. Breezy definitely enjoyed being pampered. 

She was so excited to get her nails and toe nails done. Then it was on to make-up. She was a little unsure about the eye shadow and blush but definitely wanted to try different shades of lipsticks or "lips" as she calls it. 

There were tons of cupcakes to choose from. She could hardly make a decision there were so many!

Finally chose one with a shoe on it. :)

I loved being with my girl! What a fun day we had!

The following day was Mother's Day. I was spoiled rotten by my hubby who let me sleep in, took care of the kids & made me a yummy breakfast. He took the kids to the dollar store the day before and they each picked out a gift for me. Caleb picked a balloon, Gunner picked silk flowers, Breezy picked a porcellin doll & Bode "chose" a chocolate bar for me. It was cute how they all were so proud of their gifts. They will be something I cherish forever. 

My weekend continued into the next day because my Mom, sisters and I (with Breezy and her cousin Corinne) went to get pedicures. I LOVE getting a pedi!! 

It was Bree's first time going into an actual salon and she didn't know what to think about the bathtub at her feet. But she quickly caught on and enjoyed getting pampered, yet again.

Bode was the only boy but still seemed to enjoy himself...

My sisters Kelli & Kristin with her daughter Corinne. 

Me & Kenna. Not the best pic, but proves we were there. :)

I had to throw this pic in...Love my little niece Rinny!

The finished products! Notice how Bree's not wearing shoes? That girl takes her shoes off the second we walk in the door...anywhere, anytime! sheesh!

After our Pedi's we went to lunch at Paradise Bakery. Yum. Love me some cookies! The little girls had a lot of fun dancing to the music in their heads. What cute cousins. I'm glad at least Bree will have a cousin that is close in age since she doesn't have any sisters. 

Group shot! My Dad and brother joined us for lunch.

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend. I'm so thankful for my wonderful Mom who has taught me to be a good Mommy, to enjoy my sweet children while they are young. She's also taught me how to serve. She is always serving everyone around her. I hope I can pass on her legacy of service to my children as well. I'm thankful also for my sweet mother in law. She is a woman that is incredible. She does so much and is the most humble woman I know. I love you both so much! Happy Mother's Day!


Mandi said...

Yeah for updates. I am going to update mine this week, you've inspired me. :) What a great Mother's day, looks like you were spoiled and had a great time with your sisters and mom. Your such a wonderful example to me of what a mother is. Love you girl!!

Melissa Bosen said...

I really loved seeing all your pictures in this post. Man, I haven't seen Kenna in YEARS! You & your sisters are all so beautiful.
Cute toes too! :)