Friday, April 29, 2011


This boy of mine is growing too quickly. He was counting down the minutes until he would turn 6. Months before his birthday he would ask me, "Mom, how many more days until my birthday?" In fact, the night before his birthday he told me, "Mom, I want to skip my bath tonight, get my jammies on and go straight to bed so that when I wake up, I'll be six!"

He wanted a "Sports Party" where all the boys went through an obstacle course performing different sports. He had a blast. 

Things I love about him at 6:

- He has a very competitive spirit (LOVES any kind of challenge!)
- He LOVES going to school. Hope that never changes!
- He is determined. He is great at riding his bike and has been determined to master it!
- He loves games of any kind (even races of who can get dressed the fastest). Loves the Wii of course!
- He has a testimony of our Savior and of prayer
- He still wants a goodnight kiss from me
- He adores his Dad and wants to be just like him
- He excels in school with reading and math
- He still loves super heroes/guys and loves to play with them at any moment
- He loves sports of all kind (favorites: soccer & football)
- He is very kind-hearted and always willing to help anyone in need
- He helps me to do what's right
- He still pronounces some words wrong (I hope he never gets them's so cute)
   (bisgetti (spaghetti), biz-anya (lasagna)
- He loves to help me do anything (especially cooking)
- He's a good boy about doing his jobs around the house (hardly complains when he has to help Caleb with his jobs too)
- He loves to laugh and giggle with his brothers and sister
- He's sensitive yet tough

Happy Birthday Gunner! We love you so much. We are proud of the boy you are and are grateful you are in our family. It wouldn't be the same without you. You are a great example for your brothers and sister. Thanks for always keeping us laughing and enjoying each day as it comes. Happy Birthday Gunn, you are six now...only 364 days until you are 7!


Anna said...

My little man is almost 6 - he asks just about every day when will he be 6. :)

Melissa Bosen said...

What a great little boy! Aiden has several words that he says wrong and I love it too.

Mandi said...

Happy Birthday Gunner. What a fun party, sounds like he's a sweet boy!