Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blessing Day

Today Bode was given a name & a blessing by his Daddy. 
It was a beautiful blessing. 
He got all dressed up for his special day.

We had a lot of family attend. Thanks to all that came!

I got a picture with the man of the hour. Isn't he so cute? A bit of a chunk these days, huh? I love his chubby cheeks.
The blessing outfit was Gunner's and his shoes were Caleb's - baby Converse. Love it!

We had lots of family at our house for the traditional luncheon after the blessing. And between being hostess and feeding this little guy, I didn't get any pictures of everyone that attended. Shame on me. 

I did manage to get lots of kisses by my first baby though.

These were some of the highlights of Bode's blessing:

"Bode Michael Cook"
"We love you and are so glad you have come to our family. You are now surrounded by great men. Develop relationships with them and look to them for advice. Your family loves you. We bless you that you will be great friends with them. Develop characteristics of kindness and be gentle like your mother. We bless that you'll have a special relationship with Caleb. We bless you to be patient and proud of him. We bless you that you'll grow and serve your fellow men, that you'll receive the Aaronic & Melchezidek priesthood. We bless you'll be a good student. Study & read your scriptures. Bless you'll be a good man and serve a mission and go to the temple. And bless you that one day you'll have a family of your own. We bless you'll have a great testimony of the Son of Man. Know you are created in His image. We bless you that you'll have a good direction of right and wrong and that you will always choose the right. Your family loves you."


Steph said...

What a sweet blessing. He is such a cute baby. I'm so glad he's been so good for you!

Allyson said...

What a handsome baby boy on his special blessing day and you look gorgeous!

JakenDebbie said...

So handsome! I love his little outfit!

Melissa Bosen said...

Kari, I love seeing these pictures to see how much your family has grown. I knew everyone in the picture from the baby blessing (except for one couple) and it just made me feel so thankful for true friends that we carry with us over years and years of life.
I love you Kari!