Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter weekend

I've never really been very pro-Easter bunny. 
Don't get me wrong, I love to celebrate Easter. I love traditions that we have.  Dyeing eggs, decorating with fun pastel colors and using this holiday as an excuse to buy lots of chocolate & candy to hide all over the house.

But, the Easter bunny? I've never really "got" the idea of him. But, this year my mom insisted on taking my youngest 2 kids to see him at the mall. It was fun, but it was freakishly hot outside (one of the hottest days in April) and we waited in line far too long only to find out that Bree wanted nothing to do with this overgrown bunny. I didn't blame her. He was kinda creepy looking. :) 

Bode, on the other hand, didn't care at all, as long as someone (or some-thing) was holding him, he was happy. Bree, at least, gave me a cute pose...far far away from the Easter bunny. 

This little one is so delicious. He's such a good baby. 

One of our Easter traditions is spending time together at the Phillips Lake to hang out with family, grill hamburgers and hot dogs by the fire, water-ski, dye eggs and of course, the Easter-egg hunt!

Gunner couldn't wait to get on the water and practice his skills. 

Gunner loved to water-ski (at least he thought he was skiing) :)

 Caleb loved the jet-ski. 

Bree loved the cupcakes!

Uncle Dave instructing the kids about the hunt.

The hunt is on! Gunner was first in line to grab those eggs.

Isn't she cute? 

Caleb was happy with his loot.

Gunner was such a sweet brother. He stopped several times to share his eggs with Caleb or even point out more eggs for Caleb to find. What a tender hearted boy. It melts my heart to see how much he watches out for Caleb.

Easter Sunday. Love my boys in matching shirts. And I'm so glad to have a little girl to dress in pink! (Even if she is making a double-chin face).

We hope you had a fabulous Easter! We are so grateful that we could celebrate the knowledge that our Savior lives! 


JakenDebbie said...

Ok, I am totally with you. I don't get the Easter Bunny, either. In fact, I boycotted him this year. I told the kids the Easter bunny doesn't come to our house, since I don't like him. Aren't I a great mom? :) And the Easter bunny is this post is totally terrifying!! I have a sort-of fear of giant mascots of any form. This one is pretty creepy.

Melissa Bosen said...

We kind of just skip right over the bunny part of Easter too. The boys all know that Mom puts the Easter baskets together and hides them in the yard. That's hilarious that Debbie told her kids that! haha
I am in love with the Phillips' home! I have only been there once or twice. How amazing would that be to live there and go out any time you want!