Monday, April 4, 2011

2 months

Why do babies have to grow so fast!? My little Butterball is 2 months old today. 
The time has seemed to go slow at moments and then at other moments (mostly when my kids are fighting with each other) it can't go fast enough!

But, alas, time will keep moving. Babies keep growing, kids get older and I wish I could reverse the clock on myself! All I can do is take lots of pictures, try to savor the sweet quiet moments with these babies and enjoy the moments of laughter and the noises of my children at this age; because I know it will be gone before I know it.
My little man is smiling. Already. He started this at 7 weeks. 

Other stats for Bode at 2 months:

* sleeps 6-7 solid hours at night. It's so dreamy! Now if his Mom would go to bed on time!
* still nurses every 3 hours during the day
* turns his head towards voices he recognizes. He knows his immediate family.
Weighs 11 lbs 11 oz (50%)
Height: 24-1/4 inches (90%)
Head: 15-1/2 inches (40%)
Shots - 6 immunizations in total. 3 shots to the legs with 1 oral. Poor babe. He's hurting pretty bad. But he's tough already!

He loves to cuddle and still nuzzles into my neck. (One of my favorites about this is he crinkles his forehead when he's under my neck.)

I'll take another Mama's boy any day!

Breezy loves him and asks to hold him every time I am holding him. I thought she might be a little jealous but instead she really just wants to mother him. I love it. She's a natural.
I've been trying to let her help with bathing, changing diapers and getting him dressed. She's so careful with him and loves to sing him songs. It's kind-of funny that she isn't as interested in baby dolls since Bode was born. I guess it's all because she has a real baby to tend now. :-) 

Oh my baby, please stop growing and stay my baby forever. 
Anyone want to grant my wish?


ryan said...

He is so cute I could melt! I need to hold him and soon! Love you! Krista

Melissa Bosen said...

That close up of Bode reminds me of Gunner. Right?

The Wiser Side said...

Such a cutie! I feel the same way, and mine is only 2 weeks...slow down time

Steph said...

He is so darling! I just expressed the same feelings about Levi in a post I did today--it goes by so fast! I love it when they're sweet little babies.

Love all the cute pics of Bree. Such a sweet little miracle girl. I am so glad you have her!

Carrie Stradling said...

I love your blog Kari! I don't comment much, but I enjoy staying updated about you and your family! We need to get together soon! :)