Sunday, June 24, 2007

"All Done Pool"

Well, we survived swimming lessons! Last Wednesday was our last day. Gunner cried at every lesson and said "all done pool" until the very last one. Of course, wouldn't you know, that he decided he actually liked it! In fact, he told me, as we were getting in the truck to go, he said "simmin', Momma!" Translation: The swimming pool is fun mom! It just took him 4 weeks to figure that out! Go figure! Our teacher, Millie, did a wonderful job with my boys. Even Caleb learned to do the monkey walk along the side and kick his legs. I loved watching them learn. It was great fun for me! Hard to watch at times, as my children were crying and reaching out for me, but glad to say it's now done! We still have a ways to go until they can actually swim but at least we've scratched the surface right?

After they were all done, the kids got to ride around on the 747 plane...their favorite part! They gave the kids t-shirts, a lollipop and a little medal. The boys were so proud of themselves. Way to go graduates!

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