Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yellow Tomatoes??

Last March I decided I wanted to plant ONE tomato plant, just to see if I had any kind of green thumb...turns out, I LOVE gardening! Well, right now I only have the one tomato plant but I also planted a ton of flowers and a few shrubs. I love going outside to see if I have any new bulbs that will later turn into little yellow tomatoes.

My tomato plant is called a "yellow pear" and produces the small cherry tomato-like fruit. They turn this bright yellow color when they are ripe. They also taste so yummy! My boys like to eat them right off the vine!

Although the triple digit weather here has curbed my enthusiasm for gardening at the moment, I still like to go outside and get satisfaction in seeing my plants grow so tall. My favorite outdoor flowers at the moment are Petunia's and Vinca's. They grow really well right now and can last through the heat. Well, we'll see how they do through the summer.


Blake Schwendiman said...

Now we know who to come to for help. Our tomatoes have never worked yet!

Anonymous said...

hi kari, I love the garden!

Amy Johnson said...

I want so bad to be a gardener, just don't have that green thumb. Maybe when our house is done I can try it. I'm very impressed!!