Sunday, June 17, 2007

Playing with Cousins!

We were privledged to have a fun play day with the Brown's. Koby, Billy, Cameron and Anna Brown came to visit for a day and we had lots of fun playing in the sprinklers, jumping in the pool and swinging. We are so glad they are back to AZ and that we'll be able to see more of them! Congrats also to Dr. Ryan Brown on opening up his new dental office in Prescott Valley. Welcome home!


Holly Schwendiman said...

How fun to *see* you blogging. ;) I just added you to my blog roll. The boys are growing so fast!! When are we going to Napples again? Great, now I'm hungry. LOL


Dance Mama said...

Your kids are so cute Kari! Looks like they are having a fun summer!

Amy Johnson said...

Hey Cooks, Dustin and I were blog hopping tonight and ran across yours. Cute pics! Check out our blog at Hope to talk to you soon.
Amy Johnson (from church)

The Driggs said...

Yes! Sprinklers are the best! And that grass is so green, especially for Arizona!