Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Dolphin Show Experience!

When we went to see the Dolphin show at Sea World, we were 30 minutes early so we could get a good seat and also make sure we didn't have to sit in the splash zone. With it being 60 degrees in San Diego and having 2 little kids, we knew we didn't want to get wet. Well, since we were early I wanted to show Caleb & Gunner the pool where the dolphins will come out. As I was showing them the water, all of a sudden a dolphin came swimming out! I was so excited so I picked up Gunner to show him the dolphin and the next thing I knew...SPLASH! We got soaked with water! That dolphin was just doing its job because when I pointed over the glass, I guess that was some kind of command for splashing people! We all got soaked... Gunner was screaming, Caleb was holding his shirt away from his body and I was trying to get the salt water out of my eyes! Finally Justin came around the corner, saw us and started laughing! That's why we are all wet in these pictures! What an experience!


brownymama said...

Justin's a day late and a dollar short as usual! J/K! Glad he got the pic!

Grandma and Grandpa cook said...

What a great memory!