Monday, November 5, 2007

The "Lost" Tooth

It finally happened. Caleb lost his first tooth! For documentation purposes, it happened on Nov. 1st and was the bottom tooth.

The funny story behind it is that he woke up like normal, ate breakfast and then had music therapy. As they were singing songs and playing on the drums, I noticed Caleb had a hole in his face that wasn't there before..."oh my gosh" (i said to myself)..."he lost his first tooth!" I thought that it might have just fell out right there so I started looking around. Of course, it was no where to be found. Not in his sheets or on the floor (anywhere that I could see). So, we concluded that he must have swallowed it!

I called the doctor later that day and they told me everything would probably be fine. He'd just have to pass it sooner or later. I doubt the tooth fairy will want it after that happens!

I couldnt get his picture that day so this picture was taken at the Ray's Halloween party last week. Isn't he super cute? (Thanks to Ale for taking this picture and sending it my way!)


Alejandra said...

Caleb has the best smile! your halloween slide show is so cute I can watch it over and over. Short but sweet

Family Journal said...

Oh my goodness!! That is so funny. He just has the cutest little smile. I love that picture. He seems like such a sweet heart!

Annie said...

Too cute. So does he still get a quarter under his pillow? :)