Monday, November 5, 2007


Our Halloween was pretty great this year. The boys dressed up as America's Finest and America's bravest and hit the streets looking for candy. They fought some crime along the way. My parents came out to our house to trick or treat with us. The boys had such a great time. Gunner was so thrilled there was a day dedicated just to candy!

(It was also my sister Kristin's birthday...Happy Birthday Sis! Love you!!)


brownymama said...

They look so cute! I'm glad you had fun. Any sign of Caleb's tooth yet? (:

Ashleigh & Zebb Shappell said...

I just can't get over how cute your boys are. I would love to just GIVE you those Cars costumes, but there's one slight problem with them...they are not made for adults so putting them on and taking them off caused them to rip... especially mater..but if you know how to sew...they are all yours!

Grandma and Grandpa cook said...

Can't see the boys in the Halloween section. I assume they're the ones on the right sideunder "Our Boys" if so, so cute.
Wish we could have been there. Can't wait to see Caleb's toothless grin. Love and Kisses.

Family Journal said...

So are you going to do the procession of side views, so we can see how you are progressing? I am sure you look so cute?