Monday, March 10, 2008

Our weekend!

As the day is fast approaching that our little girl will arrive, I can't help but think about my 3 sweet boys and how much I love them. I'm madly in love with my sweet husband of almost 9 years and I can't imagine life without him. He is always making me laugh and trying to help me out with the kids. I adore my kids Caleb and Gunner and just can't get enough of them (well, maybe on some occasions, when they are fighting with each other or destroying my house!) But, I did just want to say that I love them so much!

I love this picture of my boys! Taken last year at Mission Beach (San Diego):

Okay, now that I'm done with the sappy love talk, I'll post some pictures from our weekend. On Saturday, I took the boys to the Sharing Down Syndrome Easter egg hunt and they had such a blast. It was at Rockin R Ranch. Of course, there was music blasting that you could hear from the parking lot so that got Caleb so excited from the get go. Every year this wonderful organization does a fun Easter Egg hunt and has crafts for the kids to do. It's really fun. Caleb had a great time dancing to the music, playing in the parachute and finding the eggs filled with candy! It was a little cold that morning and of course, this is the one day of the year I forgot their jackets! So, Gunner was a bit unpleasant but he had fun anyway.

Caleb playing in the monster parachute!

Gunner telling me (for the 20th time) that is he cold! (Gosh, what kind of mother forgets jackets in 60 degree weather?)

This is the only thing that helped Gunner forget that he was cold. The bubble man. Caleb, of course, was happy as could be!

We had a great time!


The Blakes said...

You are such a cute mama! I was feeling sentimental just reading your blog and am so thankful we met in summer school all those years ago! By the way, I made a blanket for Bree so let me know when you're up for visitors!

The Gerard Family said...

You are STILL the cutest thing!! Your little boys are so handsome. I don't have a website we just do it for fun we do boutiques and stuff but not really a "buisness". I would love to make something for your baby girl. The bows are what Haydyn always has on, actually flowers on her head and the bracelets. I can come over with all my stuff or when you are ready you can come out to my house and look at what I got. I also can do a custom order for you. Email me and I will give you my phone number.

Michelle Bradley said...

You guys are the cutest family! Sorry I missed your shower, I'm a bum. I do have your present sitting here waiting to be delivered (you'd think we didn't live 10 minutes away!).

Melody B. said...

What kind of mother forgets the jacket...a forgetful pregnant one that's who! Why is it that we ALL act like an Alzhiemers patient when we're prego?:P