Monday, September 1, 2008

They tied the knot!

Last week Justin's brother Scott married Tiffany Hatfield in the Mesa, Az temple. That morning it rained so it cooled down the day and everything turned out beautiful! Here are some of the pictures from that fun day!

The happy couple!
Tiffany's favorite color is pink so she wore cute pink sandals instead of the traditional white. Super cute. You go sista!
All the girls!
All the flower girls!
This is my favorite flower girl!
This was our best attempt at a family picture. We had to take at least 25 shots before we got a decent one...and this still isn't that good. Oh well!
Caleb was pretty tuckered out by the end of the night!
This next picture I just wanted to throw in because we had a monster monsoon roll in last monday and the winds blew so hard it knocked over trees and blew over buildings...well not really but this actually did happen. If you notice, you can see where this big treetop used to be, on the opposite side of this car! This picture really doesnt do the storm justice but it was awesome!
After the monsoon last week we took Caleb to Chuck E. Cheese for his bday to party the night away! Thanks to our family and friends who were able to join us on short notice!
This is my sister and her cute baby Co-Co. I just love this little doll. She is so cute and full of personality!
Caleb and his buddy Mario playing air hockey.
Who's having more fun in this picture...Hmmm??? i guess the games aren't just for kids, huh?
Caleb in his monster truck. This is what I have to look forward to in 10 years!
Happy birthday again to our sweet boy!!


Grandma and Grandpa cook said...

Thanks for all the great wedding pictures. A special thanks to see Caleb's party. What a busy week. Looks like a lot of fun at the party. Wish we could have come. Thanks for sending them to us. Caleb is really growing up. We love him so much.

The Blakes said...

Just catching up on all your recent posts and I loved the story you posted below. Caleb is lucky to have such good parents. And Bree is a darling flower girl!

Annie and Clayton Evans said...

We are practically brother is married to Susan Hatfield..Tiffany's aunt!! Ha ha..ok maybe not closely related but I do remember Susan talking about her niece getting married..what a small world..It looked beautiful..Clayton says he misses coming to visit since the ward really is so sad to lose your great family!

{jennifer} said...

I just love Bree's flower girl dress! She looks adorable and so do your boys in their cute ties:)

Candice said...

Happy Birthday Caleb! What a cute boy, so full of life!
Your blog is so cute Kari! Your little girl is darling! I found it on Steph's blog. Check ours out and see our cute little girl. We miss you guys so much! Our ward isn't the same without your family! Tell Justin we said hi!

Clay's gal said...

That dress Baby Brea had on was to die for! She is soo cute! Happy Birthday to Caleb!

Nuestra Familia said...

Cutest pictures, that's so great to add a sister in law, you girls are so pretty! And Bree is just a beautiful flower girl.
I copied the picture of big Caleb and Mo, it's so cute. My kids still talk about going to chuck e cheese, we had a great time. Thanks Caleb!!

The Gerard Family said...

Happy Birthday to Caleb!! Cute pictures and that dress was adorable that Bree had on. Congratulations to your brother and MANY happy years to come.

Melody B. said...

Happy b-day again to Caleb! Might I say, you are lookin' smokin' hot lil' mama!:)

Linz said...

Oh such cute kids Kari! I can't believe how big your baby girl is!! She is growing so fast!

The Lemmermann's said...

I LOVE Bree's dress at the wedding!! Weddings are so fun!!!

thebigcookiefam said...

I love all the pictures, I can't believe how skinny you are! so not fair. So glad your lemon tree survived!!!!