Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I love having little boys. The 3 year old stage is so fun. It's especially fun when we get together to have playgroup. Getting 5 3- year-old boys together (yes, 5 boys) can be crazy at times, but its always fun. Plus, it gets some energy out! Here's a short video montage of all the boys watching Toy Story. (You might want to pause the music to hear the yells coming out of these boys... :)

Also, Gunner had his first ever team soccer game last Saturday. He did awesome! It was really hot outside so it was pretty hard on him but he had fun nonetheless! His team is the Sharks and they played the Tigers. Here's a few pics of the big game.
all decked out in uniform! He's so big!
Go Sharks Go! (Gunner is #2)
Giving high fives to his friend Kyle who plays for the Tigers. Good sportsmanship!
Last of all, here's a 10 sec video of Gunn goofing around with his buddy Carter on the sidelines. I know, it's probably only cute to me, the Mom, but oh well!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

6 months and then some...

Our Breezy is 6 months old! Here are some highlights of our sweet girl:
* She loves to reach out and grab everything and anything...including my face and earrings!
* She laughs at the most random things but when we really try to get her to laugh she just stares at us like we are crazy!
* She is SOOO easy going and mellow. I love her sweet personality!
* She sleeps so well. I dont know what I did to get such a good baby.
* She has amazing patience already - she lets her brothers crawl, kiss and tumble over her and hardly makes a peep.
* She will cover her face with her hand when she nurses. It's really sweet!
We love our Easy Breezy. Happy half birthday sweet baby!

Then these are just some random pictures of a few of Gunner's friends. He loves having friends over to his house to play. (And I'm grateful too because then maybe I can get some stuff done around the house while they play!)

Here they are playing "Climb the mountain." Gotta love how boys have to be tumbling all over the place...pretty much all the time!
Then this is Gunner's buddy Carter. We love friends!
Then, this past weekend, a cute thing happened with Caleb. Most often when Caleb passes by a mirror, he has to stop and talk to himself in his own little language. It's a sweet thing he does but I dont ever know what he is saying. 

Well, as I was getting ready one day, he happened to take different objects and explain them to the mirror. He'd take the object, say a little spiel in the mirror, then toss it off to the side. Like a comb, sunglasses, clothes, bracelets, etc. It went on for about 15 minutes so I was able to capture him on camera. Check it out! 
Then this is the picture of all the different things he had taken out of my bathroom drawers to explain. He had been very busy!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We will never forget!

Today being September 11th, I wanted to do a little post about my gratitude for living in the best country in the world...The good old U.S.A! So, I feel so honored to be an American. I am so thankful that I live in a country where we can enjoy our freedom. I feel so blessed to have such honorable men and women serving this country so faithfully and so willingly. I truly feel deep gratitude for those that sacrificed their lives so that we can have a free country. Thank you to all who have served, defended and continue to honor our beautiful America! God Bless us all!


This is Breezy's friend Brielle. She was born a week before our Bree. Brielle's mom, Stephanie, was so sweet to watch Bree while we went to the temple a few weeks ago. I just love that these two little girls could get together!
Our Bree is pretty laid back. She doesnt care much to roll over, or try to sit up. She's content to just lay there and take in the atmosphere around her...pretty much she's our lazy girl. Then we have Brielle... who is practically ready to crawl. Oh well, I guess I should be grateful that she's so mellow. She definitely makes life easy!

Monday, September 1, 2008

They tied the knot!

Last week Justin's brother Scott married Tiffany Hatfield in the Mesa, Az temple. That morning it rained so it cooled down the day and everything turned out beautiful! Here are some of the pictures from that fun day!

The happy couple!
Tiffany's favorite color is pink so she wore cute pink sandals instead of the traditional white. Super cute. You go sista!
All the girls!
All the flower girls!
This is my favorite flower girl!
This was our best attempt at a family picture. We had to take at least 25 shots before we got a decent one...and this still isn't that good. Oh well!
Caleb was pretty tuckered out by the end of the night!
This next picture I just wanted to throw in because we had a monster monsoon roll in last monday and the winds blew so hard it knocked over trees and blew over buildings...well not really but this actually did happen. If you notice, you can see where this big treetop used to be, on the opposite side of this car! This picture really doesnt do the storm justice but it was awesome!
After the monsoon last week we took Caleb to Chuck E. Cheese for his bday to party the night away! Thanks to our family and friends who were able to join us on short notice!
This is my sister and her cute baby Co-Co. I just love this little doll. She is so cute and full of personality!
Caleb and his buddy Mario playing air hockey.
Who's having more fun in this picture...Hmmm??? i guess the games aren't just for kids, huh?
Caleb in his monster truck. This is what I have to look forward to in 10 years!
Happy birthday again to our sweet boy!!