Monday, January 31, 2011

Future Salesman

Over Christmas break Gunner had seen a few kids in the neighborhood selling lemonade or hot chocolate. One day we were flipping through a kids recipe book and we see a recipe for mouse cupcakes. 
Gunner had the fun idea to bake up some of these cute cupcakes and sell them to cars that pass by our house or kids on their bikes. 
He was so excited & proud to display his sign.

Breezy had to make a sign too. She did a pretty good job huh? 

 Making (and sampling, of course) the cupcakes.

Aren't they cute?

Getting ready to sell his little heart out!

Dad was his first sale of the day. Justin also taught him some tactics to "closing the deal" and Gunner ate it up. His phrase of the day was "Let's make a deal." Justin was so proud. :)
(Don't you love the Chavez-like frosting mustache?)

Caleb joined the fun too. 

A few of the neighbor girls came over and played leapfrog between sales. They are so sweet!

 They also took a few quick breaks to take the Hot Wheels for a spin. He's actually quite a great little driver. 

Making the ASU "Sun Devils" sign (or trying to). Yes, we are raising future devils. :)

"Look Mom! No hands!"

At the end of the day, Gunner made about $18. He sold all his cupcakes. He sold a few to grandparents over the phone and even had a few friends & cousin stop by (thanks to my friends that I called for sending their kids over!). All in all, it was a success, we all had fun and he got his feet wet in the sales department!  

The end!


Whitny said...

I remember that day. You texted me to come by. Sorry we were out of town. Or we would have been there.
So fun. Great job Gunner

mistyc0x said...

oh joy! i love the pictures. you are very very good at that. and the story.

i guess i just love your blog!!! fun! fun! fun!


now i want a cupcake. or 5.

dustin and amy said...

So cute! You are a good Mama! I love car. Little E and Hadds got one for Christmas and I love watching them drive down the street!

Scott+Tiffany said...

Aw I love this post. Such cute little nephews and niece. I love little Cook salesman stories, reminds me of the story of when Scott sold papa cook's ties door to door. Go Gunner!

Mandi said...

SO Cute!! I love it. Looks like a success and a fun day!

Melissa Bosen said...

I wish we lived closer and my boys would have run down with their $$. Evan is our little entrepreneur. He bags pecans from our trees and sells them. This is his 3rd year and he's made some pretty good money! He takes right after Mike in that department. He was the same way!
Thinking about you today and hope you're doing well.