Sunday, January 23, 2011

Update on our little miss

Breezy had her bi-yearly tests (MRI/urine/blood) a few weeks ago and she is still clean! She's still stable with no change or any tumor growth! Yea! 

Just wanted to say how thankful we are for our little princess! Go Breezy!


Kathleen said...

Yay! So good to hear Bree is still going strong and that she is healthy as can be!

The Driggs said...

So fantastic! We really need to get Easy Breezy and Claire Bear together...they both seem to have the same love of tutus and high heels!

mistyc0x said...

found your blog on amber's i think! so glad everything is good with "breezadilla" as mitchell likes to call her. :)

love that cute girl!!