Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Partay!!

Warning: Picture Overload!

Typically, for New Years, we celebrate at home with the kids (they get to stay up til 9 or 10pm). We bang on pots and pans and yell and scream from the top of our lungs. Then Justin & I put them to bed and watch a movie together then toast in the new year at midnight with our sparkling cider (yes we are real party animals). 

This year we headed up to Prescott and spent time with Justin's sister Krista, her hubby Ryan and their 4 kiddos. They had a huge snow storm right before we came up so it made it extra fun playing in this...

The kids didn't waste any time and got right down to playing with each other... 

 The kids couldn't wait to get their snow gear on and head outside for some much needed playtime with the white fluffy stuff.
Gunner and cute Anna all ready to go!

Caleb loved being in the snow. He wanted to go out with the kids so bad he took off without his gloves! 

Breezy was so excited to wear her pink hat with matching scarf and gloves. I dont think they were the warmest but at least she was stylin' :)

We went outside and started playing in the snow as we waited the arrival of Justin's other brother Tyson and his family. 

Bree liked eating the snow more than playing in it. 

Billy sharing his snowballs with Caleb. Ah, how sweet.

Fun with cousins. Gunner & Cameron

So while we were waiting for Tyson & Angie & their family to arrive, the big boys (Ryan & Justin) thought it would be super fun to surprise them with a snowball attack when they made their entrance. 

Here's Billy showing me his giant snowball he found for the attack. (I dont think he actually used looks like that can cause some damage!)

Tyson should have known not to open his window when his brothers & nephews were armed with so many snowballs! 

I think they thought the attack was over when they got out of the car...think again!

It's all good clean fun right?

 Next we headed up to a mountain to do some sledding! While we waited for the other Cooks to get their snow gear on, we took some fun pics. Love this one of me & Breezy.

One of the belly for documentation, yes I am huge these days...

Even though it was SUPER cold, the kids loved going sledding. 

Caleb especially loved it. He kept trying to take the sled and make it go when he wasn't on a hill. When he wouldn't go anywhere, he wasn't too happy. When he did he was in heaven!

Go Caleb!

Justin took Breezy down once even though she wasn't digging the idea. She's like her Momma and likes to stay warm. :) I love that all you can see are her eyes!

Don't ask me about this next picture. This is what happens when Justin & Ryan go shopping with one another. They come back with interesting finds. What can I say, they're weird. 

That night was New Years' Eve. We did the count down with the kids and celebrated with root beer floats. 

Caleb was super tired yet still wanted to party

Happy New Year! 

The next day we played in the snow some more. Krista & Ryan are such great hosts. Krista knows how to please everyone. Since there was so much snow, she broke out all the fixings for snow cones. What a fabulous hostess! Tyson wanted to take all the credit for this idea. Nice try Tyson!

The kids were in heaven. I think Gunner had at least 4 cups!

In between snow cones he made snow angels. 

Caleb didn't care if he had a cup, he just ate it straight from the source!

After snow cones, lots of snow fights broke out. Tyson was the target, yet again. :)

Take down!

Thanks so much Krista & Ryan! We had a wonderful weekend with you guys! Can't wait to play again soon! 

The end!


Steph said...

That looks so fun! Great pics of all your cute kids. And you look so cute, Kari!

And yea for Bree's good news!!!

Melissa Bosen said...

You really do look awesome Kares! What a fun family party! We missed the snow this year.