Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas - Part 2

Christmas morning...oh how I love the excitement. The looks on my kids faces when they open their treasures is priceless. This year I was ready with camera in one hand and video camera in the other...all the time. :) Well, I made Justin film some of the time too. We paused it a few times to wrap our arms around our little ones. :)

Preparing to enter the family room....ohhhh...pins & needles! Don't you love the baggie eyes?

Love Bree's expression...this is when she saw her play kitchen!

Of course it came with a new baby and a built in high chair to feed them!

The boys enjoying their new basketball hoop. 

Gunner gave Bree a "little baby" which she embraced right away

Caleb opening one of his presents...In year's past he hasn't seemed to grasp the idea that there's something exciting underneath the wrapping paper. This was the first year that idea clicked and he was really excited to open his gifts! 

This one is for Great Grandpa Taylor. Gunner discovered Charlie Brown this Christmas and loves him now. Once he saw what the book was, he was a little excited! Thanks Great Grandpa!

Love it when my kids enjoy watching each other open their presents!

Gunner wanted a robot for Christmas most of all...little did we know the reason why. As soon as he opened it he said "My robot! Now I have someone to help me clean up all my toys!" 

Justin...going crazy over his presents from the kids...he loved his socks!

One of Gunner's presents was a Spiderman Web-shooter. He's been asking for this since May of this year so Santa finally brought him one. As soon as Dad went to take out some of the trash, he geared himself up and sprayed his Dad down good. Way to go Spidey!

Last of all, we ended our opening of presents with our traditional "jumping and rolling in the wrapping paper." It seems like there's always so much, why not play in it?

Merry (very late) Christmas!


The Driggs said...

I love kids with bed head....nothing sweeter! The little kitchen and baby set will be perfect for Bree to practice on when your new little guy comes. I absolutely LOVE the expression you caught when Gunner opened his Charlie Brown book. And I will have to remember Silly String for next year. My kids would love that. So fun!

Melissa Bosen said...

I'm noticing the bright sun coming through your windows in the first pictures...did you get to sleep past 6am??? No fair. :)
Nothing better than Christmas morning with little ones around.