Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Seeing Santas

My kids had 2 opportunities to see Santa this year. Their first time was at our ward Christmas party where we waited in line for over 30 minutes. It was worth it, Caleb and Gunner both loved seeing him. 

Bree kept saying "I see Santa, he nice!" But, once she actually sat on his lap, it was a different story. Even as we waited in line, I kept coaching her that he would give her candy and she could tell him what she wanted for Christmas. Once I handed her over to the big guy, though, she was quite certain I had totally lied to her:

Yes, I am that mean Mom that gets excited to see their kids with Santa only to find out that the white beard and white hair scare the crud out of my kids when they are 2. I had to get the picture! She'll thank me when she's older. 

The next opportunity with Santa was on Christmas Eve Eve. Santa actually came to my sister in law's house! All the Cook cousins came (we missed you Brown family!) and it was a really special event. The kids got lots of one on one time with St. Nick.

Before he came, Grandma Cook told all the kids a Christmas story and reminded them the true meaning of Christmas and why we give each other gifts. She's such a sweet Grandma!

After that, the Big Guy made his entrance and all the kids were enthralled! Well, all except for Miss Breezy. She was scared out of her mind. Santa came in ringing his sleigh bells and shouting "Ho Ho Ho" and that was enough for Bree to be instantly glued to my leg & screaming at the same time. As if I didn't scar her badly enough the first time, she would have to go through it again. Poor Girl. Why is her mother so mean? 

The kids got to see Santa youngest to oldest which meant Bree was one of the first to see him. She wouldn't sit on his lap so I sat with her. She did start to come around a bit when she realized she was getting a present AND a piece of candy out of the deal. But, still wasn't touching Santa!

Gunner was very excited to talk with Santa. He definitely had a few things to tell him. For instance, he had to tell him his age, where he went to school and what street we lived on, to make sure of course that Santa knew where we lived. 

He wasn't expecting a present so it was really great that Santa came so prepared!

Caleb was overly excited. While each of the other kids took their turns, he patiently waited until it was his time with Santa. This boy is so darn cute. He had lots of things to tell Santa too. She showed him the sign for "Santa" in his own Caleb sign language (similar to signing Grandpa) and was just super happy to just sit and visit with the Big Guy himself!

Natually, he LOVED his present. He's such a bookworm. :)

I think one of the best parts of the night was what happened next. My niece Annalise visits with Santa, receives her present and then also tells Santa that she has a loose tooth. She had been scared about pulling it out, but all of a sudden got brave and asked Santa to pull it out for her! 

Turns out that her tooth wouldn't budge but it was a great moment to see Santa trying to pull a tooth! Plus, I dont think Santa wanted her to think he would do anything to hurt her. :)

Before he left, he gave Grandpa Harvey a big hug. Grandpa seems to have the best connections!

Goodbye Santa, see ya next year! 


The Driggs said...

I love the pictures and story of Bree with Santa! CLASSIC!!! And that is so funny that Gunner told him all of his info so Santa could be sure to find you guys. You look so pretty my pregnant friend! What a fun Christmas!

Jaimee said...

How cute are your kids! Love Caleb on Santa's lap! And congrats on your upcoming little one! Hope you enjoyed the holidays.

Melissa Bosen said...

You must be pretty special to have Santa come to your party!