Monday, December 13, 2010

A few randoms

Below is a bunch of pictures that I just love but they don't really have anything to do with one another. Just fun. Enjoy. 

Gunner did a Thanksgiving program at school. He was so proud!

Breezy without pigtails. So in love with this girl! 

Caleb had a cookie decorating party at school. He was really happy to be back at school! He and his buddy Yueng Seoung playing their instruments.

We love Sonic sunglasses!

Gunner has been learning about the human body at school and proudly displays his full body picture of all our organs. 

The Larson girls came over for St. Lucia day. I snapped some pictures of them, the little beauties and after, they had lots of fun playing in the leaves. 

My niece Annalise...isn't she gorgeous?

My other niece Ava...future model for sure!

A beautiful sunrise in December. Love the firey red sky!

Gunner was so excited for Christmas, he could barely contain himself! Me too. It's so fun to put up the tree and decorations for Christmas. 

The end for now!

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brownymama said...

The kids and I loved pouring over these posts this morning! Yeah for updating. So much I've missed out on. Love ya!