Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas in Collages - Part 1

One of our family traditions at Christmas is reenacting the Nativity Scene. I remember doing it since I was a little kid. As teenagers me & my cousins would complain out loud that we didn't like doing it, even though I secretly liked it. What's not to like? Getting dressed up is always fun. My aunt always had the best costumes.

So, we passed the torch to our little kids and let them reenact the Nativity Scene. Gunner was Joseph and the other girls in the pictures are my cousin Todd's kids. Jocelyn, Brinley & Amelia. They are the cutest girls. Jocelyn is just a year younger than Gunner so naturally, she was Mary. Caleb was a shepherd and Breezy was an angel. She made sure the baby Jesus was taken care of at every point. She took her part very seriously. :) During the presentation she would walk over and check on the baby Jesus doll to make sure he had a blanket and was tucked in to his straw bed. I'm surprised she didn't try to run off with him!

Since I took too many pictures (as usual) I made a few collages of our Christmas week. 

For Christmas Eve, we take turns between my family & Justin's family. This year it was my family's turn for dinner and to spend Christmas Eve together. My parents out-do themselves every year. We had a delicious ham dinner with all the fixings and my Mom did a little devotional about the true meaning of Christmas and why we give each other presents. 

I love the picture below of my parents carving the ham together. They are hilarious. :)

We ended the night with some yummy dessert and then the kids got to open one present. New Christmas Jammies! I felt cool this year because I had a theme for their matching PJs. They all love Toy Story so as I did all my pre-Christmas shopping on Amazon, I found Woody jammies for Caleb, Buzz for Gunner and Jessie for Bree. I thought they looked super cute!

Next up is Christmas morning, Christmas lunch and Christmas dinner. We really know how to party. :) Until the next installment...Peace out!

Oh and P.S. All the digital scrapbook papers & elements are from Summertime Designs, of course!

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The Driggs said...

I love the Nativity Scene pictures and that Bree was so protective of the baby Jesus...that is a good sign for when your new baby will come! I also love that your kids got Toy Story pajamas. And it was so crazy to see the pictures of your siblings...I have not seen Matthew and your sisters since they were little (like 1997-ish), they have all grown so much! (obviously). So fun! And it's fun to see my papers in action too. Love ya!