Thursday, August 4, 2011

our june...

Warning: Picture Overload!

Our summer started with dive team! Originally, we signed Gunner up for swim team, but learned that he needed a little more practice so we signed up for lessons AND dive team. It seemed like something that would be fun to do in the summer. 
The dive meets were in a little on the sweaty side for the spectators. Gunner was loving it because he got to get in and out of the pool. Sadly, we only attended one meet as a family. It was too hot to be out there to watch for 1-1/2 hours in 100+ temps! But, Gunner loved it, plus he got a good tan in the process.

Caleb doesn't seem to mind the heat. At least for a little while. He still asks to go out on the trampoline and 105 degree weather. Crazy kid.

Gunner had a good time, made some friends, got a tan and gained some confidence in doing flips and dives. Way to go buddy!

Most of our mornings were spent like this: (love these two!) I also love that we didn't have much of a routine.

We were able to swim at my parent's house a few times. I think Caleb gained some confidence by watching Gunner. He LOVES to jump off the side and have Daddy catch him.

For a whole week this month we were able to escape to Prescott. Gunner plays in a soccer camp there every year with his Brown cousins. It's a tradition now that it's happened 3 years in a row. We stay with Krista & Ryan and they are the most fabulous hosts ever! Love you guys!

Gunner & Cameron are the same age & they have so much fun together. For crazy hair day this year, Cameron went all out. Gunner was digging the dots for some reason. We later learned that the red spray paint stains the scalp for a good week. So beware!

Another fun part about crazy hair day was that you dress up in a costume. These boys are so cute.

Fortunately for Bree she made a friend who brought lots of girlie toys. She loved playing while her brother and cousins played soccer.

Pretty much every day after soccer camp, we'd go to lunch, then go swimming. Love this picture for several reasons. His goggles are upside down, his hair is still stained red (after a day & me trying to scrub it out of this head) and the pine trees in the background. We don't have many swimming pools next to pine trees in the valley!

Some more good news that happened that week was that Gunner lost his first tooth! He was eating his ice cream cone and suddenly his tooth popped out. He said he thought it was part of his ice cream and accidently spit it in the grass. :( Oh well, the tooth fairy still found him!

He was elated with joy. Can you tell?

This is how Bode traveled ALL the time. :)

This is our sweet hostess, Krista (and her son Cameron). She is super fun, super busy, SUPER mom all the time!

Little stink stole my sunglasses. I guess she's pretty cute though. I think she knows it too.

Krista & Caleb just kickin' it!

I had to throw this one it. Couldn't resist!

Other news that happened in June was Bode started baby food! When we were in Prescott, the boy could not get enough to eat and wanted to nurse ALL the time! So, it was time for food. Now, he's a machine & will down 2 jars of stage 2 baby foods a day! This kid is an eater!

We also celebrated Father's day. What a wonderful husband and Daddy Justin is! The kids all helped make his favorite breakfast, biscuits and gravy!

This month we were able to do lots of swimming. This is my aunt & uncle's old house. They moved this summer and we will miss that house. We had lots of family gatherings and get togethers. Plus, the pool was amazing!

Oddly enough, Caleb loved jumping from the 15+ foot cliff with Justin & Gunner. He kept signing "more." Crazy thrill-seeker!

Lastly, my sister and I got our kids together for a picture of the grand-kids on my side. Yes, I have 4 of the 5 grandkids. :) It was my Mom's birthday at the end of this month and she had asked and asked for some pictures so she was really happy & surprised to get this picture. It wouldv'e been better if they were in matching outfits or something, but at least their faces were clean and they were all looking at the camera...the smiles were a bonus. :)

Now, on to July....sheesh, I'm almost caught up!


Mandi said...

What a fun month!! You were busy. Loved to see all the fun activities you did. Your baby bode is getting so big so quick. Loved that Caleb wanted to jump off that BIG cliff. That is way scary to me. :) That is a cute picture of all the kids at the end. So fun!! Love ya!! I so need to catch up. i'm a year behind.

brownymama said...

I love having you all come every summer for soccer camp! Love you and can't wait for your next visit!

Melissa Bosen said...

I remember their house and that awesome pool! Kari, I love the pictures of your kids and all the cousins. What a blessing to have family close by that are supportive and fun too!