Friday, August 19, 2011

Swimming & Preschool

After the boys started school, Breezy continued doing swimming lessons. This session, she was able to be with her cousin Corinne. They had fun with each other, giggling & talking as the teacher would try to explain how to do a certain stroke. It made me think about how they will be 10 years from now. 
Giggling, chatty girls. 
Reminds me of me and my sisters. 

Bree was probably the most hesitant to get her head wet out of all the kids her in class. But, she finally mustered up the courage to do it....eventually. 

Just love these two!

I'm so glad they have each other!

Then, on August 5th, Breezy started preschool with Mrs. Stacey. She's seen her brothers go to school and was so excited to start herself. The week before, we picked her backpack out, and she was ready to go!

She kept telling me, "I go to preschool Mommy, and you stay home." And immediately after that she'd say, "But, don't be sad, I come back to you, okay?"

Modeling the backpack:

Kisses for Daddy & she's off!

 She was obviously ready to go...

She was a little upset when she was informed that we needed to wait for all her friends to arrive. Then, the annoyance really set in when more parents wanted to take a group picture. Ah, the nerve! haha! You can't tell by the pictures but Bree was so ready to get started that she kept pulling Mrs. Stacey's hand to go inside and start school. This girl is ready to learn! 

Should be a great year!

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Mandi said...

She is So cute!!! Love her face and her excitement for Preschool. Hope she loves it. :)