Thursday, August 18, 2011


Had to put this down for the journaling purposes.

Gunner lost his 2nd tooth last night. He finally loosened his tooth enough until it was hanging on by a thread. He wanted to try tieing it to a door and then slamming the door shut so it would pull it out...ya know,  the "tough guy way."

We we had it all rigged up. Floss tied tight around his tooth and then to the door. When I went to shut the door lightly, Gunner wasn't ready and accidently took a step back and out popped the tooth! We didnt have our cameras ready or anything!

Gunner was so happy (that it didn't hurt) and pleased with himself that he did it "like a man would do" (as Grandpa Cook would say). Sure enough, the blood started to come out and he was so excited that hsi tooth was gone. The next thing he HAD to do was call ALL his cousins and Grandparents. He was so proud.

Way to go buddy, you are a man now.

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