Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Disneyland - Picture Overload!

(In my last post, I neglected to mention that we did leave Bode home with my Mom & a friend. We missed him so much and plan on taking him to D-Land in a couple of years when he can really enjoy it!)

On the Monday of our trip, we headed up to Anaheim and checked in to a hotel across the street from Disneyland. We've never done this before and I highly recommend it! We spent 3 days at the Happiest Place on Earth (also, the most crowded, exhausting and expensive place on earth, but nonetheless, we did it!)

Upon entering we saw Minnie all decked out in her Halloween attire and the kids went rushing over! (I think the kid next to us was a little ticked he didn't get to her first!)

 One of our first rides was the Matterhorn! Yippee!

Caleb loved meeting Cinderella. She was so graceful and very sweet. 

We spent a chunk of time in Fantasyland because all the Princesses live there. They also do story time and a meet & greet. Breezy was beside herself. She adores the Princesses and if she could pick, we would've stayed there all day.


After lunch the boys took off for a few rides and I stayed with Bree to meet the Princesses....An hour later we got to meet them. Sheesh! 

Meeting Ariel...

And Tiana

We stopped for a few photos while we waited to meet up with the boys. 
Thumbs up! 

Toon town. 

These are my favorite pictures of Disneyland. The totally exhausted children. 
 Gunner was a wild man and stayed awake until midnight riding the rides and loving every minute. Heck, why not, right? Carpe diem...sieze the day!

That same night, Caleb needed a baby tooth pulled out. And thank goodness we knew a good pediatric dentist that happened to be traveling near us! Uncle Ryan to the rescue! After he had that nasty tooth out, he slept like a baby. Thanks Ryan!

The next day we were able to meet up with Krista and Ryan & kiddos again. We headed over to California Adventure and did some of the rides over there then headed back over to Disneyland. 

I found this dress at Goodwill before our trip. It fit Breezy perfectly! Little poser!

Ragin' Rapids! We are getting set to get wet! 

Tower of Terror. The kids loved this one. Gunner's face is so serious. 

Breezy lost a shoe on the Little Mermaid ride. I was sad. I loved those shoes. She loved walking around in socks. 

I think Caleb's favorite thing about Disneyland is meeting all the characters. He would give them hugs and kisses. They should feel so lucky to get a Caleb hug!

This is one of my all time FAVORITE pics! I adore Caleb's smile. 

Watching Captain EO. Ah, Michael. Brings me back to the 80s. Good times.

Day 2 - Pure Exhaustion. Mom's Mission Accomplished! 

Day 3 - Ready to go again!

Meeting Winnie the Pooh. We rode his ride 3 times in a row. There were no lines. :)

We hung out in the petting zoo area just to take a breather and Woody and Jessie happened to show up. The kids loved hangin' with them! Woody is Caleb's favorite from Toy Story. I think he was star struck!

Bree loves Jessie! Love her face!

Riding the Merry-Go-Round. Gunner was a good sport. We needed to do a few "mellow" rides before going on the more intense rides because Caleb needed a break. 

Poor Mr. Caleb somehow broke off the other "temporary" front tooth in the middle of Space Mountain. The poor kid really had a rough couple of weeks with his teeth! He was such a good sport though! That's why we wanted to let him relax a little.

We stopped and watched the parade. Bree loved seeing the Rapunzel float. Caleb's favorite was Mickey. Gunner & Dad took off to do Space Mountain one more time. :)

I took Caleb & Bree to see Mickey at his house in ToonTown. They both loved exploring in Mickey & Minnie's house. 

We missed having Bode with us, but we had a great trip. We made lots of memories and can't wait to come back...we might need a few years to recover! 


Scott+Tiffany said...

Balboa, beach, Disneyland (really is the happiest place on earth!). So many of my favorite things, what a fun trip!

Mandi said...

What a fun trip. Glad you guys got to go. Looks like you had a great time. Love all the pics. :)

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Wayne Parker said...

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