Friday, November 11, 2011

Motherly thoughts

I woke up today in a bad mood. Several things weren't going my way. If you're a mother, you know how it goes. Kids wake up waaaaay earlier than they should. Dishes are undone from the night before creating more mess. Husband leaves early. ...and then things snowball into chaos...Cherrios crunched on my floor... baby had a dirty diaper that turned into an explosion and somehow ended up on said baby's legs, tracked on my carpet and found on my favorite pajama pants. 3 out of 4 kids are sick and Mommy is already out of gas by 8am. 

So, I stayed in my pajamas.... til noon. 
(I actually changed to different pajama pants since my first pair got pooped on!)

Then, I took a 5 minute break & read a couple of friends blogs. (You know, since I don't do much FBing these days) I wasn't feeling so great about myself...still in pajamas, messy house, sick kids... I started to compare myself to other moms that were brilliant at managing their households, having clean houses and raising wonderful children. I felt like what I do as a mother sometimes doesn't matter. Then I remembered a message my sweet visiting teacher shared with me. See below.


It was then, that I got up, dusted myself off and realized that the daily chores I do actually DO matter. They matter to my children and to my hubby. They matter to my Heavenly Father. Its the small things that count. My 6 year old thinks I'm awesome that I sewed on his patches for his soccer uniform and my 3 year old loves that I will spend time with her playing Princesses. Caleb loves it when I sit down next to him to watch a movie. He flashes me his million dollar smile. Sometimes, I need to remind myself that the work I'm doing isn't going to get me much recognition or even much thanks, but that I'm doing it because it matters in the long run. 

I know my children will grow up and be teenagers before I know it. I may not being doing everything perfectly but that's okay. This is a reminder for myself to take a deep breath, enjoy these kids of mine more, have more pajama days and look back with a smile that I was doing some great work.


Gooches said...

Thanks Kari! That was just what I needed! You are an amazing mom and everyone has bad days, even the good moms!
Love ya.

Nancy Pitney said...

Well said!

Scott+Tiffany said...

Why do we compare others strengths to our weaknesses on our hardest days? Thanks for the insight, I will have to remember that next time. You're amazing Kari!

mistyc0x said...

i needed this also. wonderful post. thank you kari!

JakenDebbie said...

I love you, Kares. I totally do the same with blogs some days...even though I know better. :) We are all just doing our best. I don't have to live close to you to know you are an amazing mom. And wife. And friend. :)

Kacey said...

I couldn't resist reading your blog when I saw the name on the search engine. So, now that I have read....I wast to encourage you that you are indeed valuable doing mommy things. Your children are beautiful and your husband is still cute! Hang on... the ride is wonderful and you have the right ideas. This from another J and K Cook....married 58 years and feeling the same way you do.

Chelsey said...

Oh kari. I wish I could relate to this. When I wake up in the morning, my kids are usually up, dressed, have fed themselves, cleaned up the house and are reading their scriptures to each other. Their bowel movements stay in their diapers and I always look perfect. So sorry you don't have it as together as I do ;)

Haha. you're a great mom. Better than most.

Melissa Bosen said...

You are such a wonderful mom by anyone and everyone's standards! Sure love you! Can we still do lunch sometime soon???

Steph said...

You are such a sweet mom. They really will be teenagers before you know it--I can't believe I have one already.

You've all been busy having a lot of fun! Such cute pictures!