Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wrapping up October

After our Cali/Disney trip we had a good rest of the month. Here's a few of my favorites. 

I had to be sure to throw a few of Caleb's snaggle-tooth pictures in. This was before our trip when he busted out one of his "temporary's". This kid is so cute. He hates my big camera but will smile BIG when the phones come out. :)

A few pics the night before his big root canal and 2 fake teeth put on.

You can't see it too well, but his shirt says "You can't handle the tooth!" His Aunt Krista and Uncle Ryan got him this shirt in Huntington. They were so sweet to think of him! It's perfect for what he's been through!

Ah, miss Bree. I let her color with markers and she seemed more interested in coloring on her arms than paper...

This is how I often find Bree after I put her to bed. She sneaks into my room and falls asleep on my bed then we move her into her own bed. This one night I couldn't resist taking her picture. Love her pose, yet it seems so uncomfortable ;)

How I love the soccer seasons. Gunner did really well and enjoys playing. He gets so aggressive on the field. He is a great defender.

I love the end of the game cheers and tunnels. This is Caleb's favorite part. :)

Bode is such a good sport. He just rolls with it. Poor kid trying to grab some zzzz's.

Breezy had a Halloween/Fall party and got to dress up. She loves preschool so much but was being a big stinker and wouldn't sit still for a picture. I told her she was acting like Cinderella's step sisters instead of Cinderella...I don't think she cared though!

Caleb had the first annual fall Olympics with his class. He was so cute and excited that I came to watch him do all the events! The egg walk: 



 Playing Simon Says:

At the end of the events, they did a closing ceremony and each of the kids got a medal for all their hard work. Caleb was so honored!

Ms. Jessica. We love her!

Next is Halloween. I always love dressing up but it seems that once I get all the kids ready, there's no time left. However, this year we went to a friend's party a few days  before Halloween and I think my costume was pretty original. It was all Justin's idea. I'll let you figure it out for yourself:

This year the kids got a ton of candy because we celebrated Halloween twice. Once at our ward trunk or treat and then again on Halloween night. I have candy to last us through the next year!

Ah, so sweet, he does love his little sister!

Caleb loved handing candy out to all the trick or treaters. I think he loved that he had a "job" 

Bode the "Hot Dog"

Bree, the princess, "Cinderella"

Gunner aka Captain Jack Sparrow

I can't believe he let me put make-up on him. I think he looks really legit!

I could eat this one:

Caleb didn't want the costume I got for him (someday I will get it through my thick skull that he doesn't like to dress up!) so I put him in one of his old pajama robes. He wore this for a pajama day at school a few years back and everyone kept calling him "Hugh Heafner." I thought it was cute, but no one "got it" so we changed him into a SunDevils jersey. He was much happier. :)

Let Day 2 of candy overload begin:

The happiest hot dog I've ever seen. 

Bree was so cute. As soon as her pumpkin was full, she said, "I'm all done. I'm full!" And with that she sat in the stroller the rest of the night while we went to more houses. I'd keep asking her if she wanted to get more candy and she kept saying, "No Mom, I'm full!" I love that she was happy with what she got! 

Gunner loved his loot, Mommy is not going to like having to do extra doses of teeth brushing to fight off the cavities it will bring! Happy Halloween!

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Kelly said...

Kari_im finally cathching up on your blog! Such cute pics! Im sad soccer is over, but now football is here!! Yeah! I miss you! and I love the halloween pics.