Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Randoms

I am trying to play catch up. Here's a few of my favorite moments from November! 

I had the chance to see Twilight's Breaking Dawn with some fun girlies from my ward. I loved it! Can't wait for Part 2!

This little man started eating solids on his own. He LOVES cheese! Who wouldn't? Plus, I found this hat that I friend handed down and it fits perfectly. Oh, how I love this little boy. (9 months in this pic)

This month I also got to attend my brother's cello recital at ASU. He's an AWESOME cello player! He played with the Manheim Steamroller over Christmas. Like I said...he's AWESOME! Bree went with me for his recital. She was great during the recital, but decided she to be a stink during picture taking. I Love her "I'm sooooo over this Mom" expression!

My uncle Glen and his family came down for the week of Thanksgiving. I was glad I got to see them. They are from North Carolina and we don't get to see them very often. It's been years in between visits. My Grandma & Grandpa Taylor came down from Utah for Thanksgiving also. It's always so good to see family. :) 

This month I started doing some Christmas shopping (it's early for me to do it in November!) and Bree is always my little helper at stores. She found a friend at Old Navy and wanted some pics together. 

Justin got to go to Caleb's feast at school. I couldn't go because Gunner had croup. :( In November, everyone took turns being sick week to week. It was awesome. I was thrilled. Not!

Another random day... Bree dressed herself, picked out her necklace, shoes and sunglasses. I love the ensembles she creates...especially wearing sunglasses upside down. 

This was our attempt at a family picture on the Smith's side...inside at night...not my best work, but at least we're all there!

This is what happens when I leave Bode & Bree alone for a few minutes. She plays dress-up and Bode gets the brunt of it. 

I just loved this picture of Caleb. He loves to watch a movie with his popcorn bowl plopped on this lap. Love it!

I didn't get any pictures of Thanksgiving because I ended up getting the stomach flu on Thanksgiving day! Not fair! But, the day after we were able to travel up to Prescott for the day and spend some time with family. We went window shopping and I captured this sweet moment with Grandma Cook reading to the kids. 

Caleb found a quiet spot and found some books to read too.

Really grainy picture but super cute of Grandpa Cook & Bode. Grandpa's favorite color is camo. He's so proud!

Just throwing another random one in of my cute baby. His mouth erupted and he got 4 teeth in one month!

People ask me if I crimp her hair...nope, I just let the wind do it for me. And whatever chemotherapy did to her hair. :(

Next up...December....I'm almost up to date....

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